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What if there was a way you could increase your energy, strength, agility, flexibility,
mental wellbeing and reduce stress and worries at the same time?
How much more quality of Life could you gain?

Yoga one on one with Susanne Richter

consultation 45min
30 Euro
* free of c
ost in combination with classes 

In this consultation, conducted over Skype, I can learn about you, your Body, mind and Lifestyle. Your wishes, what you are looking for, your needs. 

Based on your 'now' I'll share my insight on movement, meditation, Pranayama, sleep, Lifestyle and mind set. 


 I'll pay great attention to anything you are willing to share. Out of that I'll create  safe Yoga sessions for you that are uniquely  tailored, will benefit you and raise the quality of your day and week. 

The things we explore about you on a mental and spiritual plane, will arm me with tools to create a Yoga for you that fit your needs and desires and will empower you.

Cost of consultation is 30 Euro. This fee will be refunded if you take (a) Yoga session(s).

Vinyasa Yoga with Susanne Richter/ Yoga one on one private practice

Yoga im Einzelcoaching
Single 75min - 89 Euro
10 sessio
ns à 75min - 699 Euro

Yoga Private Coaching is for you, if you prefer personal attention to improve flexibility, strength, balance, stability and focus and experience the power of meditation and breath work. I work with people that have had injuries or experienced Trauma. I work with people that are athletes to bring Yoga into their Lives as a balancing practise.

You'll experience my full devotion and focus, my eye for detail and creativity and I'll be looking for your highest self, while we both give you the worth in each practise that you deserve.

With every session you are stepping into a physical, mental and spiritual world.

Every 10 hours package includes a consultation. We check your progress and you tell me about how you are feeling. This insight will be important for me for the ever evolving sessions for you, that are also creative and fun.

Yin and Vinyasa Yoga with Susanne Richter/ Yoga one on one private practice

Yoga within a group
*minimum 20 Euro per Person per class
one class is 75min


2 people - 40 Euro per person

3 people - 35 Euro per Person

4 people - 30 Euro per Person

5 people - 25 Euro per Person

6 people - 20 Euro per Person

+6 people - 20 Euro per Person

The group classes are offline in Person, if we are in the same area. Or online conducted on Skype or Zoom.

Every class will have a different theme. 

You'll step into the physical, mental and spiritual world for these 75min. Meditation, movement and breath work. A blend of restorative and Power Yoga. An hour of diving deep into sensations and comfort. A time that you carve out for yourself, after which you will feel rejuvenated and empowered. 

If you are looking for a more individualized approach, maybe shorter or longer sessions, please be in touch.

The fees above are only a general guideline and can vary per individual inquiry or offer.

Here is a special offer for you:

When you purchase your first 10 sessions package by August 31, 2023, you'll also receive 2 Single practice sessions absolutely free. These Single 75min sessions are 89 Euro each when purchased separately, but they're yours free when purchasing the 10 hours package before August 31, '23.

I wonder how much you'll love your practice after you have purchased these 12 sessions and experienced the 'secrets' of Yoga.

I promise a 30 day money-back guarantee, should you be unhappy with my approach to Yoga.

a risk free offer

Before you take the special offer inquire about a free 30min consultation on Skype. Then I'll take a few days to create a free 60min Yoga class tailored to you while considering all aspects of your wellbeing.

special offer
free Yoga practice & consultation
Yoga with Susanne Richter/ Vinyasa Yoga one on one/ Yoga private practice with Susanne Ric

a short guided Meditation in German (14 Minutes)
Release negative thoughts.

Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this meditation.This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice.
If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.
Press the audio button in the image and you'll here my voice after 12 seconds of silence. And now, lean back.

evening today .JPG
Susanne Richter Meditation - Lass negative Gedanken los
00:00 / 13:55

I am grateful for the many hours in Yoga that are rich in variety.

" Susanne brings an excitement for Yoga to me.

She guides me through poses with her positive energy and her soft nature. The sequences are tailored to my needs by also paying attention to what I feel comfortable with.

Through that I was able to alleviate physical tension and pain that I had for many years.

Susanne opened up a path to Yoga for me through the personal contact to her while being coached one on one, her intuitive soft guidance, her skilled corrections and the step by step explanations.

I am grateful for the many hours of Yoga that are rich in variety for and Susanne's lovely and kind personality, through which she shares her knowledge with me. "

Yoga Yin and Vinyasa with Susanne Richter/ Yoga one on one / yoga private practice

Katrin, December 2022

Nurse for severely disabled in Germany, loves nature and animals, likes being active and likes doing Yoga at least twice a week

free Yogic wisdom from Susanne

A poem or a thought, inspiration from my Yoga students or a line from a book, maybe a quote.

Click the button and receive one short personal wisdom nugget once a week via email from me.

Yoga one on one/ Yoga private sessions with Susanne Richter/ yin and vinyasa yoga susanne



Susanne designs the right energetic pace for me


"Susanne is an amazing teacher.

She brings positivity to all her classes and takes the time to understand what you need in a yoga session.

I love Vinyasa flow, but it takes me a bit to get my body going, and Susanne designs

the right energetic pace for me.

With her dance background, she's so well attuned to body movements and articulating any adjustments, offering modifications as needed.

What I love is how she brings discipline without being too hard on you. 

Susanne puts a lot of effort into every session, and it's a beautiful, nurturing experience.

Highly recommend."


Branka, June 2024

From Australia & works in Marketing.

She loves traveling, Yoga. She likes to learn and likes deep conversations.

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