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A lack of flexibility only gives you more reason to practice Yoga.

My aim for you
My aim for you is a feeling of well being,
an energized state of being that extends throughout your day and your entire week.

Experience a release from physical tension. A feeling of strength and balance within.
At best each class clears the mind, offers relief from t
he daily existential suffering and
you'll feel lightness overall

Yoga is a way for you to live health-based.
Rather than focusing on a disease to be cured, you'll create with Yoga wellbeing.
Because Yoga will strengthen your self-healing powers.

Practice with me. Inquire about a free 30min consultation on Skype.

Then I'll take a few days to create a free 60min Yoga class tailored to you while considering

all aspects of your wellbeing.

Yoga with Susanne Richter

Susanne took the time to get to know me


“I highly recommend Susanne. She is an engaging and talented yoga teacher with a positive and friendly personality.
I take online Yin, Restorative and soft Vinyasa sessions with Susanne and she tailors it to my needs. She took the time to get to know me. I feel this makes a difference when it comes to making each yoga session so effective.
The online classes work well with the excellent visual and sound quality.
I always leave each session feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. It makes a huge difference to my week and I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful yoga teacher.”


Julianna, in her 30s, from Australia

 Teacher of Music & mother.

She loves time with her kids, loves the finer things in Life, the beach and walks. in nature. She is a talented Piano Player.

What you can expect in each pactice and from me

What you can expect.
In each practice & from me.

I recognize your journey as your individual journey that can't be compared to anyone else's.

I'll guide you through every movement, pose or sequence safely.

 You'll feel rejuvenated, become more flexible by carving out quality time for yourself.

Ask me any questions at the end of each practice. I am generous with time.

 I'm available for you way beyond our Yoga sessions together. You can contact me any time with questions, observations and thoughts that come up during the week.

 I'll help to hold you accountable to your practice. I'll empower you towards wellbeing. We'll cultivate human florishing.

I'll create a personalized plan of care using tools such as poses, breath work, meditation and lifestyle suggestions.

Dive into Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. Vinyasa will keep you in a flow and it can be physically powerful or gentle. Yin feels restorative, as it is slow-paced, whereas we hold poses between 3-6 Minutes.

My Yoga sequences will speak to all 6 Dimensions withing you.

To your Body, Energy, Heart, Mind, Consciousness and to your Spirit.

         We can meet online in the comfort of your home. We can meet offline in Person if we are in the same area. 

 I offer within the first 30 days of purchase a full refund of your money,

should you be unhappy with my practice

Vinyasa Yoga one on one / private tuition

Your Benefits
what you can be and have


your benefits - what you can be and have

 Create peace within, gain clarity of mind and expand consciousness.

Feel temporarily transported to a place where you'll feel the wholeness of you.

Purify your physical body, harmonize emotions, master the powers of your mind and self-realization.

Train your mind to become more focused. Become more able to design your own future.

         The poses will help care for your spine, we'll look for a healthy alignment and balance.

 Strengthen your Body & Mind. Stabilize. Become more flexible.

    Reduce or prevent back pain.

Stop stress from affecting your wellbeing by activating your relaxation response and by decreasing cortisol levels.


Collect Yoga tools to prevent illness. You can't put a price tag on that.


Just 8 weeks of mindfulness practice could slow brain changes associated with ageing.


risk free offer for you ~ free of cost

Inquire about a free 30min consultation on Skype.

Then I'll take a few days to create a free 60min Yoga class tailored to you while considering

all aspects of your wellbeing.

Vinyasa Yoga one on one/ private Yoga practice

By being gentle to yourself you become strongest. 

Susanne Richter

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