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Love the things that love you back.

Practice Yoga with me.

Find more physical vitality, spiritual freedom & mental tranquility.

  online from anywhere - in Dresden - in Freiberg (Sachsen)

Hi, I'm Susanne.

If you are looking to integrate a private practice of Yoga into your Life, try my free trial class.

It's a Yoga practice with a difference.

All the Yoga benefits you would expect,

but with the luxuries of personal care, guidance and attention one on one or in small groups.

Online or offline.

Discover how Yoga improves your strength, flexibility, balance, and agility
in both physical and mental realms. Together, all of this may help improve your healthspan –the number of years you live without disease.

Yoga is going to challenge your growth mind set, it's taking you to the edge.
It's by dancing with the edge that you begin to expand your boundaries and slip into a whole other paradigm of power and vitality.

my offer

Inquire about a free 30min consultation on Skype.

Then I'll take a few days to create a free 60min Yoga class tailored to you while considering

all aspects of your wellbeing.

Yoga with Susanne Richter

she tailored each class to my needs


" Susanne is an absolutely fantastic yoga teacher.

Her classes are fun and relaxing but also challenging enough to push the body each time

in a good direction.

Even though our classes were online she was able to see and correct my poses

and provide good feedback about how I could improve.

She tailored each class to my needs and took into account everything

from previous injuries to stress levels to create a program that helped generate peace and quiet and

reconnect the body and the mind.

The guided meditation especially helped me keep my peace through out the day.

Susannes course brought so much peace and good energy into my day

and I can’t thank her enough! "

yoga with Susanne Richter

Luna, in her 20s, from the USA

Artist and student of the arts in Italy. She speaks fluent German, loves traveling and being creative.

free insight via email

Please fill in your name & e-mail address and write "free insight" in the message box. You will then receive only once a week via email a very short, yet powerful insight that either I myself or a student of mine gained that week from practicing Yoga. 

If this doesn't inspire you, you're free to unsubscribe any time. I will never share your email address with third parties.

yoga with susanne richter


I'm looking forward hearing from you.

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